Women’s soccer stomps on Clarion


Ali Single

Abby LaDuke (left) lead Pitt-Johnstown women’s soccer to a 5-1 win against Clarion University Sept 18 at the Pitt-Johnstown soccer field.

Yang Chen, Sports Editor

Pitt-Johnstown women’s soccer team got its first win this season with a 5-1 win against Clarion University Sep 18.

Afrim Latifi, the head women’s soccer coach at Clarion University, said they didn’t show up for the game.

“We are not on the good track for today,” Latifi said.

Vito Addali, the head women’s soccer coach at Pitt-Johnstown, said Latifi must have been shocked.

According to Addali, in the past eight games against Clarion, Pitt-Johnstown is 1-7. “Last year was the first year that we beat them, and we did it again today on this field,

“The first game between Pitt-Johnstown with Clarion University was at 2005, and we lost to them with 0-9, but today we beat them again. It means we are stronger, faster, and better,” Addali said.

“We didn’t have a good start this season, but we keep working on it. Today we get paid back for our work, and I know my team is better and stronger.

“We showed our talent and released our energy here, and prepared better for this game. It’s our new starting point and we will be happy to keep winning more games,” Addali said.

Junior Abby LaDuke, a forward, had two goals and one assist in the game.

“I’m so excited to win on this field. From my freshman year, the Pitt-Johnstown women’s soccer team made a large improvement,” LaDuke said.

“We scored more goals and will keep it going further in this season,” LaDuke said.

Junior Olivia Gaspersic had 2 assists, and said she thinks coming out on top against Clarion comes from them working hard in practice every day. 

“During Wednesday’s game against Clarion, we came out really strong and possessed the ball very well the entire game, allowing us to create a ton of opportunities to score,” Gaspersic said.

“I think our team has really grown over the past two years. The group of girls we have on this team right now work really well together. We’re a really close group, and I think that translates to how well we connect on the field.

“I’m really happy with how we played against Clarion and that we got our first conference win of the season. We started off our season in kind of a rough patch, so I think this game gave us the confidence boost we needed,” Gaspersic said.

Senior Maria Mosquera, the goal keeper served, said she couldn’t be more happy with her team. 

“From my freshman year, we have changed our style of play. We went from kick and chase to finding an open player and passing the ball to feet. 

“We beat Clarion University, and we showed up ready to play. Our offense did a tremendous job at putting away opportunities, and our defensive players did an astounding job marking and communicating.” Mosquera said.