A cancellation delays track season


Mary-Lynn Retassie

Pitt-Johnstown track runners practice at the Wellness Center last week for their meet Saturday.

Justin Schmithorst, Sports Editor

Despite members regularly having practice, the Pitt-Johnstown Track and Field team has had an unusual one month gap between meets. Their last meet was Feb. 24 at Edinboro University for the conference championship.

Junior long-jumper Kia Clayton said that she and her teammates are expected to practice every day.

“We still have workouts that our coach gives us to do, so we do those, and we try to go outside whenever it’s possible,” Clayton said.

According to Clayton, she said that she hopes that the weather will cooperate for the next meet. She said she has some goals that she hopes to achieve there.

“I usually just go into it with hopes of getting a good starting mark and then try to work my way up from there,” Clayton said. “Hopefully, I get a mark, and it is somewhere close to where I was during the indoor season.”

The track team members are to compete at the California (Pennsylvania) University Invitational March 24.

At the meet, Warshel placed second in the 100 meter hurdles and in the 400 meter hurdles.

Clayton placed third in the women’s long- jump and second in the women’s triple-jump.

Also at the meet, junior teammate Katie Lippincott placed first in women’s high jump.

Not comepeting at the meet was one of the team’s best distance runners, senior Tori Fulkroad.

According to the track team’s website, one meet was canceled.

That meet, the Juniata College Invitationa, was to be March 17. It has not been rescheduled.

A teammate of Clayton said that the cancellation is frustrating.

“It makes it frustrating, because we just want to be outside practicing, as well as going to meets, where we have opportunities to run our best times, but that could be hard if the weather is cold or if meets keep getting canceled,” senior hurdle-jumper Kelci Warshel said.

According to Warshel, despite the lack of meets, the team has still mostly practiced together, which is important. An exception was during spring break, when Warshel said that the team members were sent individual workouts by coaches.

“They (the workouts) have gotten longer and harder, with more repetitions. We are more focused on getting our endurance up, since we were limited during the indoor season,” Warshel said.

According to Warshel, these workouts are especially important with hurdling, because she can practice with more hurdles, which will help her get used to the length of the races.

If the weather holds up, Warshel said that her goal for the race is simple.

“My goal is to run close to my personal best times, in hopes that each meet will be better than the previous,” Warshel said.