Pitt-Johnstown athletes have rituals

Emily Moore, Staff Writer

Superstitions and pre-game rituals have become a part of a routine that many, if not all, athletes follow.`

Superstitions and rituals are intended to bring athletes good luck during their soon-to-come athletic performance.

Pitt-Johnstown athletes have superstitions and pre-game rituals as well, believing they may to bring them luck.

Junior baseball player Dylan Conrad said he has musical pre-game rituals, as well as one dealing with his hair.

“Pre-game rituals of mine are that I always wet my hair and soak it, but not a shower,” said Conrad.

“I just soak my hair with water out of our locker room, then I put on whatever headband I have played well in,” said Conrad.

“I always listen to rapper Meek Mill on the way to our stadium.”

When it comes to superstitions, Conrad said that he had only one that he believes helps him hit well.

“Say that I get a hit and I put my batting gloves, elbow guard and helmet on, in that order; I stay with that order all game long,” said Conrad.

“Say that I put on my left glove, then right glove, followed by my elbow guard and helmet. I keep that order all game and into the next one.”

Out of every sport and every athlete, according to Conrad, baseball is the sport that has the most superstitious players.

“We are probably the most superstitious athletes on Earth,” said Conrad.

“From changing up socks, keeping the same underwear and saying the same thing before you throw, whatever works helps.”

Being an athlete in a sport that is not known to be superstitious has some specific beliefs as well.

According to sophomore basketball player Josh Wise, he has a specific belief that helps him for his home games.

“Naps are something that I have to take before every home game,” said Wise.

“I have to wear two brand new pairs of white Nike socks for every game.”

According to Wise, he does not have superstitions for just home games, he has them for both home and away.

“Before any game, I eat two Snickers bars and a Root Beer,” said Wise.