Senators begin to hand out emergency funds set aside


Tyler McNulty

Student Government Treasurer Santana Lardo announces the emergency funds for this year at last week’s student government meeting.

Tyler McNulty, News Editor

Student Government Treasurer Santana Lardo announced this year’s emergency allocation fund was $21,811 at an Oct. 17 student government meeting.

The fund is now $17,040 as of Oct. 27, after senators approved $4,771 for a saw and garage updates for the Baja Club.

At the beginning of the fall and spring semesters, each student was to pay a $90 activity fee, according to Lardo. Part of that money ends up in the emergency fund.

Student Government President Joe Evanko said this year’s funds were slightly more than usual.

Last year, the student activity fee increased from $83 to $90, according to Evanko.

“This year, the starting emergency funds were slightly larger than normal, as expected with the increase to the student activity fee,” Evanko said.

Lardo said the money goes into Student Affairs officials’ annual operating expenses.

“At least 5 percent of the (student activity fees) will go into the emergency allocation funds,” Lardo said.

Allocations co-chairman Sam Miller said the emergency allocation funds are for club members who need additional funds.

“(Members can request) money for unexpected expenses, or if it was originally denied during last year’s budgeting season, but (members) need the money to operate,” Miller said.

Lardo said that the emergency funds are issued on an as-needed basis.

“It’s kind of first-come, first-served,” she said.

However, if money runs out, funds won’t be replenished until the following academic year, according to Lardo.

“(Student Affairs Vice President Shawn) Brooks does have money set aside (in case the funds are depleted).

“If he has the money, then he can give it to club (members) who may need it,” Lardo said.

Miller, however, said that Allocations Committee members try to keep the funds high through most of the year.

“There’s no limit for how much club (members) can allocate for, but (committee members) look at if they do fundraisers, what they do for campus and