Scrimmage to offer opportunities

Yang Chen, Sports Editor

With sunshine and warm outdoors, the Pitt-Johnstown baseball team is going to have their first fall season scrimmage Saturday at Mount Aloysius College. 

Head baseball coach Todd Williams, the “winningest” baseball coach in school history, earned his 500th career victory in the  spring season.

“It’s a very young team this year. We have 14 freshmen and 11 sophomores. I’ll put some of them  in as starters for scrimmage to find out what they can do.”

“Next spring, we’re going to start our official games, and this scrimmage is a good chance for them to get evaluated,” Williams said.

According to baseball assistant coach George Roberts, the last spring season is the first record with more wins than losses.

“The conference champion is always our goal, and we are getting close to it. I think this is a good preseason to get started.

“We have a lot of young guys coming up this year, and we got a player who transferred from Division I this year. We are getting better,” Roberts said.

Junior Isaiah Kearns transferred from West Virginia University to Pitt-Johnstown this fall, and plays outfielder and pitcher. He said he is excited to be a part of team.

“I feel confident about myself. At Pitt-Johnstown, I think it’s a good start for baseball, and everyone on our team looks in  shape.

“The preseason training in Pitt-Johnstown is good, but it’ll take some time for me to get back with baseball and fuel up back,” Kearns said.

Senior Zack Zinn saw the transition of the Pitt-Johnstown baseball team since his freshman season.

“Last season is the best result for our team since I came to Pitt-Johnstown, and it’s the first time for our team to achieve overall record with 23-21,

“I think it’s a milestone for our team. This is going to be the start point for our team this season,

“We have a lot of individuals coming up this year, and they want to be conference champions, rather than each individual prizes,

According to Zinn,  seniors Brady Walker and Ben Foose are part of the reason for the team’s improvement.

“We don’t need more runs, since the pitchers are doing a great job. So far, I think the new guys fit well with their position, and we are tying together as a family.

“It’s our time to stand out in those scrimmages, and we’re going to show our talent in next spring. I hope in my last year we can win over 30 games and finally be conference champion,” Zinn said.