Flaws appear in men’s soccer’s shutout loss

Yang Chen, Sports Editor

Last Tuesday, Pitt-Johnstown men’s soccer had its second home game of the season, and lost to Shepherd University 0-1. 

Eric Kinsey, the head coach of Pitt-Johnstown men’s soccer team, said they tried their best to win, but didn’t make it. 

“We didn’t have our capabilities to show today, and it’s the thing that made us lose,” Kinsey said.

According to Kinsey, there were two starters injured that day, and it made the game tougher.

“Our team is the same level as Shepherd University, so the result will depend on the performance of that day. Lacking two starters makes us not play as well,

“We’re a young team, and there are three freshmen starters on our team, but we are getting better.

“We know that we have potential to stand out, and we will enjoy playing every single game. We know that we’re improving,” Kinsey said.

Junior Rudy Moorthi, a midfielder, said some of the Shepherd players were taller than Pitt-Johnstown players and got lots of shots on goal, but they didn’t score. Shepherd had six shots on goal while Pitt-Johnstown had three.

“We’re excited about this season, and know that we’ll have better performance,” Moorthi said.

Alex Jones, Shepherd University head coach of men’s soccer team, said Pitt-Johnstown’s men’s soccer team is competitive.

“The Pitt-Johnstown team is strong and we enjoy the competition with them,” Jones said, “From the past years, I know Pitt-Johnstown team is working on it.”

“This is a guest game for us, and it’s hard for my team to travel to Pitt-Johnstown. The head Pitt-Johnstown men’s soccer coach is very good, but I think there are some problems on the Pitt-Johnstown team, and I know they (Pitt-Johnstown) are getting better,” Jones said.

Junior Carlos Castillo, a Shepherd University forward, was the only scorer in this game. He said the Pitt-Johnstown team is hard to play.

“They are very good team, and have a good organization with their defense. It makes it hard to score,

“After I scored, whenever I got the ball, there were at least two defensive players coming for me, 

“I think in the second half they almost turn the game over. They need to work on communication especially on passing the ball,” Castillo said.