New council created to help club sports

Yang Chen, Sports Editor

According to Pitt-Johnstown Student Affairs Vice President Chris Stumpf, a new Club Sports Council has been created and is to help coordinate locations, clubs and equipment.

“We try to have everyone on the same page for our events.

“It’ll be a good way to share ideas with different individuals to make our students have a better event,” Stumpf said.

“We can get better voices from all club sports and find their similar interests. 

“It is part of our school’s new volunteer program and a new leadership program for our students,” he said.

Junior Devin Seiger, president of Pitt-Johnstown’s student government, said he hoped to use the council to connect with more students and help make panticipation more convenient.

According to Seiger, Student Activities and Engagement Director Heather Hall and Pitt-Johnstown Student Government Association Vice President Tessa Fry founded the council. 

Fry is the first leader in the council this year and a member of Pitt-Johnstown’s cheerleader team.

“We want to hold regular meetings with all club sports representatives to help them with problems.
“I hope that the council will continue in the future,”  Seiger said.

Fry said there are two options for council leadership. 

“In the future, either all the sports clubs will vote for the council leader, or we will send a student government member to lead this organization,” Fry said.

Senior Jon Sulkoski president of the Ice Cats, the club hockey team, said he supported the council’s formation.

“We had some complaints in the last couple years, now I know there is a new way to help me out,” Sulkoski said.