Cross-country teams have new head coach


Yang Chen

Pitt-Johnstown’s cross-country coach Nick Rameriz held a short meeting before team training at the Pitt-Johnstown outdoor track Sept. 4.

Yang Chen, Sports Editor

Pitt-Johnstown athletic director Pat Pecora hired a new cross country coach, Nick Ramirez.

Ramirez coached private one-on-one cross-country, volunteered as track and field coach at Westmont Hilltop school for three years, and has been involved with Pitt-Johnstown track and field team since January.

“I’m very excited to have been named head cross-country coach and assistant track and field coach, and grateful that coach Pecora gave me this opportunity.”

“Each runner is a huge piece of our overall goals. They know they are building the foundation for success in the coming years,” Ramirez said.

Hannah Conklin isthe Pitt-Johnstown female captain. Conklin is a 2018 conference scholar-athlete.

“Coach Ramirez created a new system for our  team, and I think it’s very useful,” Conklin said.

Ken Azzarello is the  cross-country male captain. Azzarello helped the Mountain Cat track and field team get the first conference championship in May.

“This is my first year on the cross-country team I have tasted since the winning. I’ll use my running background to help the whole team to improve.

“I’ll keep working hard, and put team the together to make our family better.” Azzarello said.