Cheerleaders rise to 4th place nationally

Yang Chen, Sports Editor

Instead of snow and cold, there is sunshine and warmth on the beach in Daytona, Florida, and the Pitt-Johnstown cheerleaders  placed fourth in the Division II National Association Competition April 5.

Junior Emily Kaczmarek, president and captain for the cheerleaders, led to them to their best-ever finish in national competition.

“We are very pleased to get this award with facing a lot of adversity this year. As a captain, it was my job to ensure to the team that we would pull through, and keep them focused and working hard in the gym.

“We would thank to our friends, family, alumni and sponsors for supporting us this year,” Kaczmarek said.

Junior Dani Dubrosky was part of the team this year.

“I think this year has shown not only me but all of my teammates what we could actually do at nationals.”

Dubrosky said they placed second in the first day (April 4) and, if they had hit their routine in the second day (April 5) they might have won the championship.

“Watch us for next season because we are hungry for first place,” Dubrosky said. 

Junior Tessa Fry is one of the upperclassman cheerleaders and also vice president of student government.

Fry said she was  proud of cheerleaders and everything they have overcome this season.

“Regardless of this year’s ranking, it’s the highest Pitt-Johnstown cheerleading has ever placed,” Fry said.