Soccer teams have busy offseasons


Yang Chen

The Pitt-Johnstown men’s soccer team at the Metlife complex April 2.

Yang Chen, Sports Editor

Men’s soccer is to have a pick-up game this Saturday.

Head men’s soccer coach Eric Kinsey arranged three condition training sessions a week for the team to keep in shape before spring break, and three indoor training sessions  for the teams’ exhibition game Sunday at Seton Hill University.

“We got better this year, and have improved over this semester’s training,” Kinsey said.

“We used to train two hours for every training session to help our boys to pick up soccer in the offseason.

“After spring break, we have indoor training, and it’s the right training for the team and will help them focus on skills.

“I have seen a lot of improvement from freshmen, and they are getting better. The upper classmen also did a good job to lead the freshmen,” Kinsey said.

Freshman Patrick Ahmed had one assist against Seton Hill University during the season.

“I improved in both a technical and physical way because I played more during my fall and spring seasons.

“I also became smarter, and we are scheduled two or three times for a week for weightlifting.

“That conditioning training helped my defense and offense.

“I’m so excited and can’t wait for next season,” Ahmed said.

Women’s soccer is to have a pick-up game Sunday.

Women’s head coach Vito Addalli was named Pitt-Johnstown’s fourth soccer coach in 2018.

“We are going to have a game day (the past Sunday) to compete with other colleges and clubs.

“We are focusing on lifting, running, receiving, passing and shooting balls for our girls.

“We normally hold sessions three times a week to focus on individual training before February, and, on Sunday, we will work on teamwork. 

“After February, we changed training plans. We’ll have 30 minutes in the beginning for their individual training, and then start teamwork.

“In this way, it will help the team to bring them together and defend as a team.

“Let’s see how it goes Sunday,” Addalli said. 

Redshirt sophomore Kacey Sullinger, who had two goals in the fall season, said she is excited.

“Time goes so fast over this semester. This spring season cuts up routines to make days go together,” Sullinger said.

Sullinger suffered a head injury when she was a freshman, and she said she was looking forward to having a better performance in the spring season.

“We have five days a week to train for soccer to get ready for the game day. This is my second season to play, and I feel so glad to return,” Sullinger said.