Freshman player gets honored for 4th time

Yang Chen, Sports Editor

The Pitt-Johnstown men’s basketball players turned the tables in their Feb. 16 game against California (Pa.) University by winning by eight pionts despite being down by 14 points.

Freshman forward John Kromka led three freshmen double-digit scorers with 28 points, 19 rebounds and five assists, and Kromka earned his fourth conference West Division Men’s Basketball freshman of the week honor in the 2019 season.

“I’m always good at mid-distance shooting. And I can find a better chance to shoot.

“My team members helped me a lot when I was shooting.” 

“Jared Jakubickwill   stretch (the) floor and Fred Mulbah will find a good chance for me to attack.”

“Indiana (Pa.) University is a bigger team, and they will put two or three people to defend and stop me, so I did not score as  (many as) usual in the game with Indiana (Pa.) University.

 “But when I was playing (in) the game with California University (Pa.) , because California is smaller and they did not put so many people watching me, so I got this good performance.”

Junior men’s basketball captain Josh Wise said that playing with smart basketball players makes it only a matter of time before they play well.

Men’s basketball assistant coach Patrick Grubbs said that the team is working well together and Kromka knows how to score.”

“He (Kromka) has a strong asset to score and is getting better and better  this year.”

“Fred Mulbah is for controlling the game, he is good at scoring and finding his teammates to score.”

“His (Mulbah’s) assists are higher and higher, and are third on the team.”

“He (Mulbah) becomes better in finding his teammates opportunities to score.”

“He did a great job when he is controlling the game, and he is becoming better and better as a piont guard.”

“Wise has become a good captain, and he knows when he needs to stand out.”

“He (Wise) scored 28 points, when we were against with Indiana (Pa.)University,” Grubbs said.