Practice pace revs for Feb. 8 start


Yang Chen

Men’s baseball team members work out Jan. 28 at the Iron Horse Baseball Complex, preparing for their first competition.

Yang Chen, Sports Editor

The Pitt-Johnstown baseball team is to start their first 2019 competition on Friday.

Head baseball coach Todd Williams said they are traning off campus, from 1:30 to 4 p.m every day.

Junior Scott Lucas said the team wanted to start the year strong and focus on playing consistent baseball.

“We have a group of young, but impressive, underclassman and are hoping to make some noise in the conference this year.

“Work ethic definitely helps me; I believe when you focus during practice and prepare, you’ll be ready for the moment,” Lucas said.

Junior Brady Walker said team members are hoping to make the conference tournament, and that’s where they want to end up when their season ends.

“Our strongest asset would probably be how competitive we are as a team with one another; we always push each other.

“Our in-season workouts include usually a two-to-three hour practice Monday through Thursday, and then (we) play on Friday or Saturday,” Walker said.

Sophomore Jason Beranek said, since their first games are coming up soon, they are practicing hard right now to get ready for it. 

“(Training) started Jan. 7, we practice six days a week, Monday through Saturday, getting ready for our first games. 

“Everybody is challenging each other to get the best out of one another. 

“We practice at (the) Iron Horse (baseball)complex in Windber, which is a great facility to practice in.

“This is going to be an exciting year. Hopefully, we can start off on the right foot and we come together as a team and fight for one another. 

“We need all our guys, no matter what role it might be, for us to win. We are very excited to get started and look forward to start this new season,” Beranek said.

Sophomore Joel Colledge said his goal for the season is to make sure he does his job to make them a better baseball team, he wants to fit his role as a player to make sure they play as a team and win the conference. 

“My strongest asset is my mindset. This helps me a lot, because I am a pitcher, and I have to use my head.

“I do a good job of staying cool and making the right choices to help the team out.

“We train every day for about 2 hours,” Colledge said.

Sophomore pitcher Tyler Treese said team members are excited to start their 2019 season for new conference this Friday down at Myrtle Beach.

“My personal goal this year is to do my part and help my team produce as many wins as possible for a successful season over 2019 conference.

“We have a lot of talent and know we can have a very successful season,” Treese said.