Delays plus closures postings on Twitter

Justin Schmithorst, Managing Editor

Students wishing to know whether the Wellness Center is open on days when the campus is closed are in luck, as the Wellness Center has a Twitter account, which called UPJ Wellness, that gives students information about Wellness Center. 

That’s what Wellness Center Director Niki Cognigni Pecora said she uses to convey that information. 

“Our Twitter updates all closures, delay openings and fitness class schedule changes. We also have done polls to see what fitness classes students would like and what days and times work best,” Pecora said. 

In addition, Pecora said that signs are posted outside of the center’s door regarding hours and closures. 

Pecora’s duties as Wellness Center director are not only to manage and communicate the center’s hours, but also to hire those at the front desk and fitness instructors. 

According to Pecora, some changes that have been made this year include playing music in the center (primarily in the gym) and to remain open on most days that Pitt-Johnstown is closed. 

“Our hours are on Monday through Friday from 6 a.m. to midnight, and Saturday to Sunday from noon to midnight,” Pecora said.