Injured champion gets recognition


Mary-Lynn Retassie

Senior Tyler Reinhart (In white, center) with the victory cake and his wrestling teammates March 15 at the Gazebo in University Square.

Emily Moore, Copy Editor

Just a little over three months ago, senior wrestler Tyler Reinhart had to end his career early due to injury.

According to Reinhart, everyone was down as soon as they found out about the injury.

“I think everyone was low for a while because they knew it was my last year and they wanted to see me finish my career on top,” Reinhart said.

The former Division 2 National Champion still received applause, and the first announcement during the wrestling celebration  on March 15, at the campus gazebo.

With four All-Americans and two National Champions, the Mountain Cats received a banner and a victory cake for going undefeated in the Pennsylvania State Athletic Conference.

According to Reinhart, the support and applaudse from the crowd was because they knew how hard he had worked throughout his career.

“Everyone knows how hard I worked and how much this sport and program actually mean to me, and that’s why I think I got so much support when Pecora announced my name,” Reinhart said.

Reinhart has made such an impact for Pitt-Johnstown’s wrestling program that his name has a reputation.

According to Reinhart, just being present every day has made his impact on the Mountain Cat team.

“I’ve helped impact the team by just being there for all of them every day,” Reinhart said.

“I have helped them (the teammates) through workouts, but also just talking to them and helping them get better mentally.

“It was cool (to be in that position) because I got to be their coach, teammate and best friend all at the same time,” Reinhart said.

Being in such a position, with so many roles, has given Reinhart the opportunity to help his teammates in multiple ways.

According to Reinhart, a lot of his teammates still come to him for help all the time.

“They still came to me for help, whether it was helping them with wrestling, putting them through different workouts or just talking to them,” Reinhart said.

“I’ve been at the top of the podium and I’ve also been at the bottom, and the team has seen that and they’ve seen how I’ve responded to both,” Reinhart said.

“I think they respect me a lot, so they listen to what I have to say.”

With one of Pitt-Johnstown’s top wrestlers out for the season, the Mountain Cats were still able to produce two champions.

According to Reinhart, having two national champions was not the expectation from many people.

“When I got hurt, so many people were probably doubting the team and they (the team) proved them wrong,” Reinhart said.

“I am so proud of my team, and I am just so grateful to be a part of such an amazing team.”