Season’s end means more calories


Mary-Lynn Retassie

Pitt-Johnstown wrestlers eat their victory cake Thursday afternoon at University Square shortly after their celebration and banner unveiling.

Justin Schmithorst, Sports Editor

Last Thursday, Pitt-Johnstown wrestlers rang the Victory Bell at University Square to celebrate their season. Now that it’s the offseason, the wrestlers don’t have to be so strict about maintaining weight.

One of the team members enjoying the victory cake at the celebration was senior Wrestler Cody Law.

He said he planned to take the next week off, spending time with friends and enjoying Cheez-it crackers and pizza, along with staying up later.

During the season, Law said that he would maintain a schedule, eating mostly plain oatmeal and brown rice. He said that he would also go to bed at 9:30 p.m.

At least one other wrestler is fulfilling food cravings.

Redshirt sophomore Devin Austin said he really likes ice cream, and is eating a little more than normal.

“I don’t have to start watching my weight until around October,” Austin said.

Wrestling Coach Pat Pecora said that he expects most of the wrestlers to take a week off before getting workouts in again.

“Keep yourself at a walk-around weight,” Pecora said.

“If you let your weight get our of control it can hurt you, and keep your body fat low. If they start getting chubby, they’ll hear it, Pecora said.”

Pecora said that the best thing for the wrestlers to do in the offseason is to get on the mat as much as possible, but the workouts are voluntary.

Pecora’s words align with what Austin said he plans to do.

“Right now, I feel like I have a lot more free time, but I still try to do some sort of workout in place of our normal practices.

“I keep a consistent weekly schedule of weight lifting and running. Some teammates that live near me work out with me all offseason,” Austin said.

As for his limit, Austin said that he tries to stay within 10 pounds of his weight class.

Things are a little different for Law, who is a senior and completed his final season.

“I plan to keep training and to do freestyle wrestling. I’m thinking about working at Young Guns, at least over the summer,” Law said.

Young Guns is a youth wrestling club in Ebensburg Pennsylvania.

Law is one of two wrestlers on his team to be a Division 2 weight-class national champion, the other is sophomore Chris Eddins.

The two national champions, plus Austin and senior D.J. Sims, are the team’s four All-Americans.