Shortstop continues despite elbow injury


Ali Single

Kerstetter at-bat at Point Stadium against Slippery Rock last April.

Justin Schmithorst, Sports Editor

Last year’s baseball season series against Indiana (Pa.) University was supposed to close out an underachieving season for junior shortstop Dylan Kerstetter and the Mountain Cat baseball players.

Unfortunately for Kersetter, he ended up with something much worse than closing the season out being swept by the Crimson Hawks.

“I was playing shortstop against Indiana (Pa.) and threw one ball and my whole arm went numb,” Kerstetter said.

Kerstetter had to deal with long-term consequences for his injured arm.

“My arm was in constant pain. I couldn’t throw, or hit. And it hurt every day until I got it fixed,” Kerstetter said.

According to Kerstetter, the only way to fix his arm would be to have Tommy John surgery.

Another factor would be the long recovery process. Many who get the surgery deal with a  recovery period of 10 to 12 months.

Despite this, Kerstetter had Tommy John surgery last July 17.

Senior pitcher Brad Coleman said he supports Kerstetter.

“I think it shows how much they still love the game. It takes a lot of courage and determination to get back to the game you love and get healthy, not only for yourself, but for your teammates.”

Senior outfielder and pitcher Dan Clark said he has a similar opinion.

“I give him total respect. The heart to come back over serious injuries like that is hard to do. You really have to love the game to come back after major injuries.” Clark said.

Kerstetter’s said his love for the game was part of the reason why he came to college, and why he couldn’t give up.

“I couldn’t fathom being in college and not playing the sport I came to college for,” Kerstetter said.