Super fan follows volleyball team


Emily Moore

Volleyball fan Spencer Kale holds his “Bam Bam Cam Cam” sign in support of the team.

Emily Moore, Copy Editor

Pitt-Johnstown volleyball games have been the main form of entertainment for a long time for senior Spencer Kale.

“I started going to volleyball games in middle school, and ever since then, I have grown to really love the game,” Kale said.

“I love the fast-paced action of each play, and, the fact that each play ends with a score,” Kale said.

“The game is really exciting to watch for me.”

Kale has been following the volleyball team every year since he was a freshman, but was  only able to attend home games for the first couple of years.

According to Kale, he was unable to attend away games for his first two years because he did not have a car on campus.

“Starting my junior year, I took my super fan status to the next level and went on the road with the players,” Kale said.

“I actually love this team so much that I created my fall schedule around the early season games because I knew that I would not be able to have classes on Fridays because, of course, there is volleyball.”

Following the team from game to game has been Kale’s hobby throughout his fall semesters.

During away games, Kale stays in hotels so he has a shorter commute to the games.

According to Kale, the farthest he has gone to support the Lady Cats has been to West Chester University.

“I actually ended up booking the wrong hotel, which was 45 minutes farther away from the school, which made the trip even longer,” Kale said.

“It was an interesting experience, but (senior middle hitter) Kendall (Mahony) had a walk-off ace off of the back line in the fifth set, so it is all a good memory now.”

From being a fan, Kale said that he has formed relationships with the players and coaches that exceed just watching them perform.

“The friendships that I have been so fortunate to have made, have been unbelievable,” Kale said.

“If I remember the first players that I met, (senior outside hitter) Cambria (Wierman) and Kendall, became my friends way back in my freshman year,” Kale said.

“I have grown to know and love them more and more each year; being around them so often has brought me so close to everyone.”

Kale said that (senior defensive specialist) Devan (Orr) has been a greatfriend to him over the  last couple of years, as well as (junior outside hitter) Maura (Brehl).

Not only the players gave Kale friendships, the coaches did as well.

According to Kale, the Haupt coaches are incredible.

“They are so much fun, and getting to know them has been wonderful,” Kale said.

“I wish I would have been able to get to know the entire team as well as I do now, because all of them are so much fun to be around when I see them,” Kale said.

“The friendships and inside jokes and memories that I have with everyone, from the White Chocolate Chips and Pat the Cat pre-game rituals, to all the fun we had with (freshman setter) Coco Kordenbrock and her name all season long.”

According to Kale, being a small part of a championship team has been more than he could have dreamed of.

“Meow meow forever,” Kale said.

Kale said he plans to attend baseball and softball games in the spring.

“I have big expectations for both teams this season,” Kale said.