Athletes get few breaks in offseason

Emily Moore, Copy Editor

For each season, sports take over an athlete’s schedule, but, when they are not in-season, offseason workouts also can take over.

Basketball is a staple sport during the winter season. The Pitt-Johnstown men’s basketball team has  constant schedule demands during their season, according to sophomore guard Josh Wise.

All of the time that athletes have during every other season is taken up by their offseason workouts.

“We work out just about every day, making sure that each day has a different main purpose and to make sure every aspect of basketball gets equal work.

“Each offseason, we always have an early morning shoot around, and we work on low- post shots and mid-range jumpers afterward,” Wise said.

“We always do a lift or we condition, followed by a pick-up game late at night, or ball handling and 3-point shooting, along with footwork.”

During the offseason, one skill is not focused on for each player.

According to Wise, his coach makes his team focus on strength, as well as conditioning.

“It’s a combination of both; every day has a conditioning built in and weight workout three or four times a week,” Wise said.

“Our main focus is more so practice and making sure technique is as good as it can possibly be.”

As a team, the offseason can be a time that the players come together.

According to Wise, the Mountain Cats all have different skill sets and abilities as players.

“All of our goals are different, but collectively, the main goal is getting better at or craft by making our weaknesses our strengths and making our strengths flawless.

“Personally, when I work out, I think about my failures through the seasons to motivate me.

“I think about all of the players who are All-Conference over me, I think about my hardships and I think about what I had to do to get where I am at, so I am never satisfied,” Wise said.

When spring comes, baseball is the main staple for entertainment.

According to junior pitcher Ty Treaster, each weekday is dedicated to baseball strength and conditioning when offseason rolls around.

“I work out on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays lifting, and I run on Tuesdays and Thursdays,” Treaster said.

Despite having games the majority of the time from March to April, Treaster said that his team’s offseason workouts are tougher.

“We are trying to train to get ready for our season in that time.

“We do a combination of both strength and conditioning, but we gear every workout to work both at the same time, or in the same practice,” Treaster said.

With demanding majors, athletes sometimes have trouble getting the workouts they need.

According to Treater, his schedule is busy in the hospital every day, being a respiratory care major.

“Even though I spend a lot of time at the hospital, I still get my workouts and studying done in the evenings,” Treaster said.

When a team spends so much time together in their offseason working out and practicing, they come up with team goals.

According to Treaster, the main goal for Pitt-Johnstown’s baseball team during the offseason is to achieve a team unity and come together as best friends, or brothers.

“The best teams play the most successfully once togetherness is achieved.

“One thing I always remember is that anything is possible.

“If one thinks that something is impossible, it will never happen, but if one keeps their head high and strives to be better tomorrow than they were yesterday, then they will be successful in anything,” Treatster said.

One of the more successful sports is the Pitt-Johnstown women’s volleyball team.

According to freshman setter J.C. Longeville, they lift frequently in the offseason to get stronger, and the workouts are strenuous.

“Our goal is to max out on every lift we perform in the gym by the end of spring, so it is tough, but we reach our goal by getting stronger and better prepared for next season,” Longeville said.