Men’s basketball team faces adversity on road


Ali Single

Pitt-Johnstown huddles before a game against East Stroudsburg Nov. 19 when they lost 88-99.

Emily Moore, Copy Editor

With an overall record of 3-3, and a conference record of 1-1, the Pitt-Johnstown men’s basketball team has a whole season ahead of them.

The team experienced something unexpected on Nov. 21 when they were playing Nyack (N.Y.) College: a game that is still suspended until further notice.

Head coach Bob Rukavina fainted during the game.

“The gym we were playing in was extremely hot and Rukavina passed out because of it,” said senior guard Dale Clancy.

“When it first happened, we (team members) were all shaken up about it, but it brought us together even more after it was over.”

Even though they have not had the best start this season, there is still a lot of time for improvement, to Clancy said.

Rebounding and transitioning are key factors, two things that Clancy said his team needs to work more on.

Clancy said that he does not think there are many big challenges for him and his team to face.

“As long as we continue to play as a team and play with effort, we should be okay.”

Being optimistic, Clancy said that there is a lot of opportunities because of the team’s talent.

“I think we can make it to the NCAA tournament as a result.”

According to Wise, he and his teammates were not expecting a 2-2 start.

“We got off to a below-mediocre start, not what we were expecting,” said Wise.

Along with Clancy, Wise said that rebounding is a factor that needs improving.

“We need to improve our rebounding, taking care of the ball and our focus,” said Wise.

“How we deal with adversity and controlling our energy and effort, if we can keep those at a high level and stay together, we will be fine.”

Wise said he thinks the Mountain Cats can make it into one of the top three spots in the west division of the Pennsylvania State Athletic Conference..

“I see us making it in a top three spot, with a chance to win the conference and a national tournament bid.”

Senior Forward Levi Masua said the team can get better.

“We are still working on things this year,” said Masua. “We know what our weaknesses are, and we are trying everyday to work on those weaknesses,” said Masua.

“We are still trying to get better each day.”