Baseball players have unusual workout

Justin Schmithorst, Circulation Director

Pitt-Johnstown baseball players have engaged in unusual workout routines at the Wellness Center. Some workouts have been done for years, while others have taken the team by storm more recently.

Over the past few months yoga has become a popular workout. The entire team has started participating in yoga.

“We all participate in yoga workouts every Thursday night,” said outfielder Scott  Kuczala.

Kuczala said that he thinks the workouts are productive.

“They’re great for keeping flexible and staying healthy when it comes to throwing and having to run at a fast pace for a short amount of time. Staying flexible is one of the most important aspects of baseball.”

Yoga can also help with core strength, according to one player.

“Yoga helps so much with balance and core strength, which is unbelievably good for baseball,” said pitcher Ben Foose.

Some players like the yoga workout so much that they do it more than every Thursday.

“I do yoga daily for flexibility, after I lift,” former Pitt-Johnstown baseball player Tyler Black said. “It helps loosen muscles and fast twitch muscles to help build explosiveness in the body, resulting in better performance.”

Black said that the yoga workouts started since the start of school this semester, and that they are encouraged by the coaches.

The yoga workouts are encouraged by the coaches, and the players agreed that theywould be helpful.

“Our coaches encouraged them during the fall season this year, and the players agreed as a team that they would help us in many ways,” Kuczala said.

Along with Pitt-Johnstown baseball players, yoga has been adopted by start Major League Baseball player.

Giancarlo Stanton, who led the majors with 59 home runs this year, has adopted yoga workouts, and it has helped him hit more home runs, according to an article by workout website Stack.

Another unusual workout that some Pitt-Johnstown players are doing is  swimming. “Swimming also helps, Kuczala said.  It keeps your joints loose and takes the stress off your body compared to running.”

Kuczala also said that the coaches have also been encouragers of the swimming workouts since his freshman year. Kuczala is a redshirt sophomore.

Foose said he has been swimming, too.

It’s a cool workout because you’re working muscles you don’t usually use and, it’s a full body workout as well,” Foose said.

“I played here for four years already, but swimming is a great workout. It’s low impacton muscles and builds great stamina,” Black said.

Unconventional workouts have helped the players, and they are popular that help break up the long off season.