Pitt-Johnstown recruit adjusting to the states

Cory Geer, Sports Editor

The Pitt-Johnstown men’s basketball team is to add three freshman this year. Steven Votodian from Munhall, Allegheney County, Drew Magestro from Sharon, Mercer County and Marcin Wiszomirski from Warsaw, Poland.

Wiszomirski said he liked what he saw in Pitt-Johnstown’s basketball program and its coaches.

“I was real impressed by the way last year’s team shared the ball. I like the campus and think that Pitt-Johnstown is a great place to get a quality education,” said Wiszomirski.

Wiszomirski, who grew up in Poland, made the transition to the United States last year when he played basketball for Kennedy Catholic High School in Hermitage, Mercer County.

Wiszomirski helped win a state championship for Kennedy Catholic High School, defeating Girard College, 73-56.

Wiszomirski said winning a state championship was a surreal experience.

“I grew up watching movies like ‘Coach Carter’ or ‘High School Musical,’ and back then I had no idea that I would play high school basketball in the United States. Winning a state championship was something that I’m happy that I could be a part of,” Wiszomirski said.

In Poland, there is no high school basketball. If you want to play basketball, you have to join a club team.

Wiszomirski said he is still adjusting to the way that basketball is being played in the United States.

“European basketball is generally more team-focused, whereas, in the united states, it is usually more 1-on-1 and less structured.

“The game is also much quicker and players are more athletic in the United States than in Europe.”