Gym closings disrupt workout routines

Emily Moore, Staff Writer

The back gym in the Pitt-Johnstown Sports Center is popular with students working out, but the popularity causes a problem when the gym is closed down during athletic events in the gymnasium.

During athletic events held in the Sports Center, even though all people are gathered in the gymnasium and in the upstairs lobby, the back gym is closed to everyone.

Students who work out in that gym talk of aggravation, because it interferes with their routine, or because they really need to work out in that particular gym.

Sophomore Scott Kuczala said, he goes to work out in the back gym five times a week.

“Once every two weeks, I will show up, and it is closed.

“I do not go anywhere else to work out because I do not feel like I get a good enough workout.”

If things could change, Kuczala said he would have an idea for a new rule about the back gym.

“I would have the back gym monitored when events are going on in the gym; I would not lock the door,” said Kuczala.

“Especially for student-athletes, they only have certain times when they can work out and, when the gym closes, it really can affect their entire day.”

Students agree that accomodations could be made for those who find the back gym closed during a time they want to workout.

Sophomore Dakotah Byers said he usually goes to the Wellness Center across the main lobby to work out when the back gym is closed.

“I go to the back gym every weekday to work out,” said Byers.

“It is usually closed around twice a week; if it is, my friends and I go to the front gym, but it is not something we enjoy having to do.”

Because the closings make lifting a problem for Byers and his schedule, he said he had one thing he would change.

“I would make the back gym accessible to student-athletes only,” said Byers.

Not only do students get aggravated with gym closings but, it interrupts Sports Center staff.

According to Sports Center junior Rudy Gleixner, he is not sure why the gym  gets closed during sporting events.

“They have no other choice but to go to the Wellness Center for their workout.”

People try to work around the rules and still want to get into the back gym during events, according to Gleixner.

“A lot of people ask if I can open up the back gym door for them when it is closed up,” said Gleixner.

“I open it sometimes depending on the people, but usually not because I do not want to get into any trouble.”