Pitt-Johnstown athletes score well in classroom

Cory Geer, Sports Editor

Pitt-Johnstown men and women student athletes do not conform to the stereotype of athletes performing poorly in the classroom.

They are 8.5 percent of the students on the Dean’s list, which includes students with a 3.25 GPA or higher. The 258 student athletes are 9 percent of all students.

Of all students on the Dean’s list, 85 were student athletes and ten student-athletes had a 4.0 GPA for the fall semester.

The average GPA of a Pitt-Johnstown student was 2.8, while a student athlete’s average GPA was 2.91

Male student athletes averaged a GPA of 2.75, while the overall male students averaged a 2.68 GPA.

Women student athletes had an average GPA of 3.09, while the overall female students averaged a 2.96 GPA.

Athletics Faculty Representative Raymond Wrabley said student athletes consistently have higher GPAs than the general student body.

Pitt-Johnstown soccer player Ellen Brady said she thinks it’s because athletes are highly motivated.

“I think those characteristics flow over into many different parts of any athletes life. You can see that on the field and in the classroom with (Pitt-Johnstown) student athletes across the board,” Brady said.

The women’s soccer team averaged a GPA of 3.26 and was just behind women’s basketball who averaged a 3.31 GPA.

Brady said that everything is a team effort with Pitt-Johnstown women’s soccer, and that includes academics.

“We are always studying together on away trips, quizzing each other and heading to the library together after practices.”

Pitt-Johnstown women’s cross-country team member Rebecca Schorr made the dean’s list in the 2016 fall term.

Shorr said that athletics improved her time-management skills.

“I had 18 credits, practice and had to study daily. Fitting all of that into a day, I needed strict scheduling,” Shorr said.

The lowest team GPA was men’s soccer with a 2.1 GPA in the fall semester.