Intramurals are a hit for winter

Cory Geer, Staff Writer

Pitt- Johnstown officials offer intramural athletic programs and gym classes for students to have athletic experiences.

Currently, Pitt-Johnstown officials are offering intramural competition in men’s five-on-five-basketball and co-ed volleyball.

Both sports started seasons Oct. 26.

The men’s basketball league features nine teams.

Scheduled times for basketball are 9 to 11 p.m. at the Sports Center main gym.

Senior Brent Barron plays for the team Swole Cats. Barron said he got involved in intramurals because he loves playing basketball.

“I play intramurals because it’s gives me a chance to play competitive basketball again. I’m able to play with my friends from high school and college and make the most of the experience,” he said.

Barron said that it can be as competitive as playing a college sport.

“Nobody wants to lose, and everyone gives their all.”

The co-ed volleyball league has 16 teams, and each team is required to have two women on their roster.

Games are scheduled to be played from 9 to 11 p.m. at the Wellness Center.

Sophomore member of Team #1, Marley Marendo, said she enjoys playing intramurals because she can continue to play the game she loves.

“I play because I played 6 years of volleyball in the Junior Olympics. I then broke my hand my senior year so I can’t play in college. I just love playing volleyball,” she said.

Marendo said that it keeps the competitive aspect of her life alive, and she urges anyone who would like to do so to get involved.

There are plans to have soccer and whiffleball throughout the fall and spring semesters.

Intramural Director Elissa Till said that, once the cold weather begins, more students look for indoor activities.

Pitt-Johnstown Athletic Department staff also offers gym classes in volleyball and basketball for one credit.

Fitness classes for one credit are also offered to students, they include weight training, aerobic exercise and individual fitness.

A personal defense class is offered to female students who would like to learn methods of how to protect themselves.

Pitt-Johnstown graduate Sean Sleigh took multiple gym classes throughout his college career.

“ It is a nice way to stay in shape and get exercise while accommodating a busy schedule of a college student,” he said.

Sleigh said that working together with classmates in this setting helped him develop skills that a traditional classroom setting does not provide.