New club provides women another sport

Emily Moore, Staff Writer

This upcoming fall semester, a women’s golf club is to be added to Pitt-Johnstown.

The club’s team is to be coached by Athletic Compliance Administrator Katrin Wolfe, who was a member of the women’s golf team at Pennsylvania State University for her four years at the university.

Freshman President Rachel Shaffer said the club was formed after going to Student Life for permission with help from the Student Government Association members.

According to Shaffer, the funding for the team has not been fully planned yet.

“However Student Government Association members said they would be supportive, and we will fundraise in the future with the typical chocolate or pie sales,” Shaffer said.

To become a club, Shaffer and freshman Vice President Gabrielle Craighead need to recruit eight more girls to make a team of 10, which is recommended to have for a club.

“However, girls’ golf is not a huge team sport,” Shaffer said.

“So I can’t promise that there will be more than 10 girls … however I have hopes that there is.”

Fliers have been put in all academic halls and the Student Union to strike interest to women who wish to join the golf team.

The contact information for Craighead and Shaffer is posted on the flier.

Playing golf together through high school was the reason Shaffer and Craighead decided to form a club, according to both.

“Gabrielle and I are both avid golfers and we both graduated high school together,” Shaffer said.

“To continue to play in college would be awesome.”

Shaffer and Craighead said they plan on getting together with the team at least once a week in the fall to practice all together.

“Although we can go out casually after class or whenever everyone is free,” Shaffer said.

As a club just forming on campus, the team is not scheduled for any tournaments this fall.

“As of right now, girls golf will remain a club, and if enough girls get involved, then it can surely become a team,” Shaffer said.

Men’s golf club members are excited that a women’s club is finally starting as well.

“It’s great that there are people finally getting this going, and it will be fun to occasionally play with them too,” junior member Kyle Maguire added.