Students look to class for new exercise

Emily Moore, Staff Writer

Kickboxing, a new class at the Pitt-Johnstown Wellness Center, has been bringing in students with a variety of fitness levels.

The unique exercise has been an attraction to some.

The new class has been exciting for many students, according to sophomore kickboxing student Kali Hepburn.

“I think this class helps let out stress that people have bottled up and anger too,” Hepburn said.

“It is also a great class that teaches everyone self-defense.”

Different people took this class for a variety of reasons, Hepburn said. It has been an activity she has always wanted to try.

“I wanted the experience; that’s why I was happy when I saw they were offering a class here,” Hepburn said.

Senior Josh Horner said the kickboxing class is very humbling in the sense that you’re not going to be good right off the bat–it takes a lot of concentration to become better.

The instructor Sui Chen keeps the class light and comical while providing perfect technique into the moves, Horner said.

“Chen is very good at what he does, he wants everyone to do well succeed and try hard,” Horner said.

Chen got those in the class to promote it to grow interest.

“He didn’t want people to be intimidated by it, we helped others see it is fun and  that it’s not only about the kickboxing skills but facing challenges in everyday life and how to adjust, overcome and progress,” Horner said.

Sophomore Alexis Warner, another kickboxing student, said that she is in the class with her friends.

“My friends and I were looking for a new way to workout,” said Warner.

“We wanted a way to stay fit that was new and fun; then we heard about the kickboxing class and decided to give it a try.”

While kickboxing is a self-defense and fighting activity, some students are using it more for the workout than for the skill.

“I think it is more of a workout class,” Warner said.

“We do learn some functional kickboxing techniques to help us for a self-defense skill, though.”

According to Warner, about 20 people are in the class.

“More people could join if they would like to,” Warner said.

The class is held on Thursdays at 6 p.m. in the Wellness Center.