Flag football intramural champs decided

Emily Moore, Sports Editor

Pitt- Johnstown’s intramural flag football teams played through a playoff and competed for the championship held last Monday.

On Oct. 20, Team Kappa Delta Rho defeated Team Panda Express 20-12, so they moved into semi-finals Oct. 23.

Kappa Delta Rho co-captain Tyler Adams said they played only one game during the season.

“We are thankful because every team makes the playoffs, and we were ready to go and defeated one team and are ready for more,” said Adams.

Kappa Delta Rho stood in second place before the championship Monday; Team All of It took first place in the previous standings while Team Dough Sigma Pi stood in third place and Team Wrestlers stayed in last.

According to Adams, any team had a good chance of winning the title.

“Anyone could win on a given night, no matter how much talent a certain team has,” said Adams

“No matter how good one team is, if the other team wants it badly enough, they will find enough power and strength to win.”

Team Kappa Delta Rho did not achieve their hopes of making it to the championship.

Team Dough Sigma Pi defeated Kappa Delta Rho in the semi-finals, putting Team Dough Sigma Pi in the championship against Team All of It.

Team All of It were champions of the 2015 Intramural Flag Football season, defeating Team Dough Sigma Pi 30 to 18.