Routines vital to each player

Bobby Scott, Editor-In-Chief

Pregame rituals or routines are something every team or athlete participates in whether one calls  them so or not.

Many things can be considered a pregame ritual.

Simple or complicated, pregame routines are what athletes will partake in throughout their careers, and it is not different when it comes to Pitt-Johnstown.

For a lot of athletes, music is used as part of their routine to put them in the right mindset. Sophomore softball player Amber Maurer said she has to listen to music before games.

“I have a specific playlist on my iPod (including mostly country music) with my favorite songs that get me pumped up and ready to play.”

Maurer said that she also incorporates her religious beliefs into the sport she loves the most.

“Since I am religious, I always wear my holy necklace that I received when I made my first Holy Communion,” she said.

When it comes to pregame exercises, a routine every time is imperative for senior hockey captain Troy Schall to be relaxed to play.

“I warm up my legs for about 30 minutes and stickhandle with my line mate for about 10 minutes,” Schall said.

Like Schall, junior volleyball player Larissa Swank’s routine consists of mostly pregame warm-ups.

“We have the same exercise and the same pepper partner before every game,” she said.

“(After warming up,) we pray and, 30 seconds before the game starts, we do a slow clap.”