Intramural champions being determined

Intramural champions being determined

Senior Edem Ikenna (left) and Junior Matt Hoffman (right) practice their soccer skills in preparation for the indoor intramural coed soccer season that will start at the beginning of the spring semester. The next intramural sports scheduled are five-on-five men and women’s basketball and coed volleyball. Sign ups for teams are due Oct. 17.

Bobby Scott, Sports Editor

Pitt-Johnstown’s fall sports season may be just past the midway point, but the school’s outdoor intramurals season is partially over.

The outdoor co-ed soccer season concluded with its championship game last Thursday and flag football held their semifinals Tuesday with the championship game being held at 9 p.m. tonight at the football field.

The winner of the Wrestlers and Kappa Delta Rho take on the winner of team Bloomfield and team Free Hernandez in the final game of flag football.

The Wrestlers, Bloomfield and team Free Hernandez finished the season in a three way tie for first place in the eight team league.

The Wrestlers earned the No. 1 seed in the playoffs with a better point differential (+157) while Bloomfield finished with 147 point differential and team Free Hernandez with 76.

Kappa Delta Rho finished in fourth place with  a 4-2 record.

Co-ed soccer has ended with the same teams in the finals for the past two years (both indoor and outdoor).

Third place Team Merica (4-1-1) was able to defend their championship for a third time by defeating the undefeated, first place Vibe Killers (5-0-1), 2-1.

Team Merica defeated the Gaelic Nuts in the semis while the Vibe Killers beat Panthers United.

The two teams have developed a rivalry of intensity and respect.

Team Merica defeated the Vibe Killers who were then known as team No Rules Redemption, 3-2 in a double overtime thriller last fall.

“This game was fun.  It has been us and them in the finals for the past four semesters and each time they end up triumphant,” senior Edem Ikenna said.

“I respect these guys and no matter what kind of smack talk or cursing (we have for each other) we are still classmates.”

Ikenna also added that sports bring people together and this rivalry the two have is no different.

He also offered some suggestions to intramurals officials to try to avoid and clean up conflicts from the games.

Referees, he said, are not always informal regarding soccer rules.

“I have read the intramurals handbook, but it does not have all the rules of soccer in it, and I feel like if they had more active referees, it would reduce the number of ambiguous calls.”

Junior Matt Hoffman (team member of the Vibe Killers) said that a hands-off referee is the root to players having ill will toward each other.

“We have had people get into fights over the ball being out of bounds,” Hoffman said.

Ikenna said safety is also a goal of those playing intramurals.

“Nobody wants to fight,” he said.  “That is not what we are here for, we are just trying to live.”

Intramurals director and athletic trainer Elissa Till declined to comment on ways to improve intramurals operations.

While there are some disgruntled over the referees’ efforts, there seems to be a number of people who like lenient referees because it gives students the freedom to play the way they want to.

Some have even prepared themselves for easygoing competitiveness.

Team member of the Sack Masters (flag football team) junior Dan Asher said this had been his first season playing intramurals.

“It has been pretty fun and really laid back and everyone kind of knew that (going into the season),” Asher said.

“It was a fun, laidback experience and I have never played organized football in my life so it was a fun way to get exercise.”