Hitters slamming sets

Hitters slamming sets

Junior right side hitter Larissa Swank does a drill on Oct. 2 in preparation for last weekend’s games against West Chester University and Cheyney University.

Emily Moore, Staff Writer

Pitt-Johnstown’s women’s volleyball team is plowing through this year with a new frontline.

The team has an 8-4 record with some players contributing greatly to their winning record.

Junior Larissa Swank, is one of the key players helping the team earn points.

With 12 matches played, and a .168 hitting percentage, Swank helps lead the team with 1.12 points per set.

According to Swank, an easy way for the team to put up points is by mixing the offense up, the setter does a good job with that.

“We have a wide variety of hitters that can put the ball away” said Swank.

Another player leading the team is freshman Kendall Mahony, middle hitter.

Mahony leads in points with 4.10 points per set and a .299 hitting percentage.

Mahony believes that the team is doing well because they are a very close team.

“We bonded right away, became a family, which helps on the court.”

All the points the team has managed to score in every match this year has been because the whole team came together, Mahony said.

“As a young team, we have overcame a lot of obstacles that were not planned, but we all came together and dealt with them as a team and really stepped it up,” Mahony said.

“Scoring points involves the whole team, you need passers to pass and setters to set in order for hitters to do their job.”

Freshman Madeline George has also contributed to leading the women’s volleyball team.

George played in 12 matches, has a hitting percentage of .200, and scores 1.37 points per set.

According to George, the team is able to put up so many points because they have good tough serves and smart plays.

George has been able to do well this year.

“I go in and do my job. I work hard and get a solid block up and to be a smart hitter, as well as keeping the energy up” said George.

The team has been successful this year with their winning record because the team members have communicated well on the court, according to George.

Key aspects to the team staying on top are energy and momentum.

“Without mental toughness, any team can crumble, so we work hard to stay strong and positive,” said George.

Swank agreed with George.

“As a team, we do well when we stay positive on the court. Maintaining energy is the key to a victory.”