Discs are a’ flyin’ in club sport preps

Discs are a’ flyin’ in club sport preps

Sam Carroll defends a pass from Dustin Hallenbeck during UPJ Flood practice Sept. 18.

Emily Moore, Staff Writer

Pitt-Johnstown’s ultimate Frisbee team, UPJ Flood, has come into a new year with new opportunities.

The team has few veterans, five or six, with more than half the team consisting of 10 to 13 freshmen.

“The team is better than last year purely because we have a lot of raw talent coming in,” junior president Evan Johnson said.

“Although most of our new players haven’t played ultimate before, you can tell they’re committed to learning, and all have the athletic ability that’s going to help out the team this year.”

To get better and improve, team leaders are running workouts and bonding sessions, according to sophomore Brandon Hines.

“We follow the basic ‘Everybody Love Everybody’ and have a great time at every practice,” said Hines.

Usually the team will practice four days a week, scrimmaging Thursdays and Fridays.

“I think that if we keep the positivity up, it will be a great year,” said Johnson.

Robinet said the sport is intense and serious, but he has a different goal in playing.

“I just want to get out there and go have fun.”

The team has an upcoming schedule consisting of five tournaments, including one they are hosting called the Jymmy Jam.

“What’s particularly exciting about this year is the mayor contacting us to play Jymmy Jam at Point Stadium, which will be really awesome,” said Johnson.