New coach brings new hope for golf

Bobby Scott, Sports Editor

Pitt-Johnstown had a coaching vacancy to fill over the summer when men’s golf coach Patrick Greer resigned.

Greer, a local golf pro, let go of the helm because he said he wanted to spend more time running his golf business and to pursue his professional golfing career.  Out goes Greer and in comes Pitt-Johnstown women’s basketball head coach Mike Drahos to fill the void.

“I had helped out with the men’s golf team at West Liberty University (Wheeling, W. Va.)  before, and I enjoy golfing a lot,” Drahos said.

“It was more of a see-a-need, fill-a-need kind of thing but I am happy I did it and the team is fun to work with so far.”

He has never had head coaching experience in men’s golf anywhere else in his career, but he seems to embrace the responsibilities of being a head coach for two different sports.

“I really enjoy coaching and interacting with student athletes,” he said.

“Getting to hang out with more than just my basketball team has been a pleasure, and I really like the guys on the team.”

The players seem to already be noticing the changes in styles as Drahos has more involved approach with the team.

“There is an aura this year that makes us feel like a team,” junior Michael Rohall said.  “We have a coach who cares not only about the game but us as players.”

The Mountain Cats come off one of their worst seasons to date, finishing in last place in every tournament.

Team chemistry is something team members are working on to help break the losing trend this season.

“The guys on the team are all very close, and it makes us all want to play and get better so we can succeed,” Rohall said.

“We are not just playing for ourselves this year; we are playing for each other and for the school.”

It is also the little things in practice that make Drahos’ players enjoy and respond to his coaching styles.

“He does not try to change our swing, he just gives us tips on how to fix what we are doing wrong,” Rohall said.

Drahos has been keeping a schedule for each of his players and gives them requirements players must meet each week.

“He is more on top of everything, making sure we are at the range and putting green every week,” junior David Urbassik said.

“Setting more requirements for practice compared to last year will benefit us in the long run.”

The players hope to start a winning trend that is to turn into a tradition at Pitt-Johnstown as Drahos brings a different atmosphere to the team.

“He is rebuilding the team and taking necessary steps to build a winning team,” Urbassik said.