Administrators deny ski slope petition T

Trevor Leard, Staff Writer

Having a campus ski slope may attract a lot of students’ attention but, according to university officials, it is just not possible.

But that doesn’t mean the Ski and Snowboard Club members won’t be hitting the slopes after gearing up for what has been one of the coldest winters for most.

In November, student government members endorsed a petition to open a tow rope on the campus ski slope.  In response, Vice President of Finance and Administration Amy Buxbuam responded that the university will not reopen based a 2011 report.

The decision was based on three key points–cost of update, ongoing concerns of safety and a fundamental deficiency of the slopes directional position.

Updating would mean installing a tow rope and operating booth.  The petition said that the slope would be almost self-sufficient with students building their own jumps and rails.

The slope would not come with just operating costs though; insurance is needed to run the slope in case the injuries happen. And, in her response, Buxbuam insurance companies do not offer options for small-scale slope operations.

The ski hill also faces a southern direction, which prevents the snow retention necessary for slope maintenance, according to Buxbuam.

But, if the slope was to open, the possibilities of adding a lot more activities, jobs and even possible classes for the students may outweigh the cost, according to Student Government Association President Noam Berns.

“It would add to the activities going on at campus,” Berns said.

It would also cut back on the money spent by students traveling to nearby resorts.

“I love to snowboard, but I just can’t always afford to spend $70 for one day of riding,” sophomore Steve Finnegan said.