More fans in stands at sporting events

Nathan Bottiger, Managing Editor

Pitt-Johnstown’s fall sports have not seen a lot of fans at games and matches in the last few years, but so far this season the stands seem to be filling a bit more.

Senior soccer player Lisa Mix said their 0-7 soccer team has been getting significantly more numbers of people coming to games.

“We have been really impressed by all the fan support we have received this season,” she said. “We definitely notice and appreciate it.”

Junior soccer player Savanna Wingard said she also has noticed an increase in the number of fans at games.

“We actually have had some bigger crowds this year, which surprised me,” Wingard said.

Mix said having fans at games helps them on the field.

“I feel it makes us play that much harder, especially when you have your family and friends watching you.”

She said the fans seem to be more family and friends, but not many people from the community, who are typical at wrestling matches in the winter season.

The increase in people in the stands is not limited to only Pitt-Johnstown fans. More fans from other schools seem to be attending, too.

Mix said fans from other schools may be coming more because there is less distance to travel.

“People want to come see competition, especially now that (games) are closer,” she said.

Senior Volleyball player Ashley DiRado said she is hoping for a similar increase in supporters for her team.

She said their parents have come to many games and have been very supportive. She said students come occasionally.

“It means the world,“ She said. “I feel like it’s that extra motivation because you want to do better when they are there.“