Intramurals claimed to be unorganized

Intramurals claimed to be unorganized

Gatumi Aliyu possesses the ball against a defender at a game last Wednesday.

Bobby Scott, Staff Writer

Pitt-Johnstown intramural sports have become areas of complaint, and at least one student says they could be run better.

There have been instances of teams being left out after registering on time.  Some students also said that they are being left in the dark on when or how to register intramural teams.

Not one sign or notification has been bulleted anywhere on campus all year other than the Sports and Wellness centers.

Many freshmen know little to nothing about registering or getting into the mix of intramural sports other than word-to-mouth from upperclassmen.

Sophomore David Okwaisie said a sign-up form was submitted for his intramural soccer team, but there were complications.

“The [intramural] director said there were email problems.”

Okwaisie said he questions the organization of the sports.

“I feel the organization is a tad off because the teams are not notified about the bracketing of teams and progressions during the season,” Okwaisie said.  “We do not know how the brackets, points or drawing process is done.”

Okwaisie said he feels that there is a lack of attraction because the winner of each sport gets the same prize every time, a T-shirt.

He said he also feels that referee do not officiate the game to their full potential.

“Most officials do not enforce the rules of the game [therefore], squabbles sometimes break out among teams,” Okwaisie said.

According to Pitt-Johnstown’s Intramural Director Elissa Till, the participation in intramural sports is at full volume.

“Right now, there are nine basketball teams, five whiffle ball teams and a dozen soccer teams, which, right now, with the facilities we have, basically max out all the time slots we are allotted,”

“So right now we are running at about max capacity.”

Till said she is satisfied with the number of teams for each sport so every team plays most teams.

“Ideally, in any of the leagues, we try to get each team [depending on the number of teams in each league] to play two thirds of the field,” Till said.

“Whenever it comes down to playoffs, you actually get the teams who are better in the playoffs.”

According to Till, producing a schedule becomes difficult when varsity sports come into play by using the gyms.

“When we are running up against the volleyball and basketball varsity practices, it is hard to get time slots,” Till said.  “If they have games late, they do not get the gym cleared until about 10:30, so we cannot run games that night.”

Till also said, unless students do not visit the bulletin board in the Sports Center staircase, they will not know any information about intramurals sports.

But there is hope for students feeling left out.

“We are in the process of getting a new website for athletics, so there will probably be information on there,” Till said.  “Hopefully it will be ready by the Fall.”