Students desire hockey after ice melts

Taylor Fowler, Features Editor

The Pitt-Johnstown hockey season has ended, but five Pitt-Johnstown students are gearing up to introduce a different way to play hockey here.

Students Eric Zvirman, Jason DeBone and Andrew Quinn say they want to creat a Pitt-Johnstown Inline Hockey Club.

Zach Stombaugh is also involved in the organization, taking a treasurer position, and Rami Qarooni is to become the club’s marketing officer.

Inline hockey is similar to ice hockey, but it involves roller skates. Members are required to have indoor skates, a stick and a helmet.

Other protective gear is at the player’s discretion. Members are to play in the Wellness Center Gymnasium.

Vice President DeBone says no experience is necessary to join the club.

“We want to get together to play a little competitive hockey,” he said. “ We have a club back home (that plays) over the summer and wanted to see (whether) we could get people together to play some pickup hockey (on campus).”

Student and club member Jacob Dunning said he played inline hockey as a hobby but stopped when he got to college.

“I used to play a lot of street hockey with friends, (but, at) UPJ nothing was organized or available,” he said. “I though it would be great to get back in to it and meet new people who share common interest.”

President Zvirman said the club met their minimum member requirement within 24 hours of recruitment. He said club members have submitted a constitution and are waiting for the Student Government Association’s approval this week.

“Ultimately, we’d like to have a (team) like the IceCats in which we can compete,” he said. “It’s just a friendly organization.”

Although the Inline Hockey Club is not an official UPJ team, IceCats hockey players are expressing interest.

“It’s a great alternative to play hockey while the (ice hockey) season is over,” said freshman Bill Ankrum, who is a right wing for the IceCats.