Yet another search for an assistant


Former Assistant Athletic Director Abby Gearhart-Hoffman sits in her office last semester.

Nathan Bottiger, Sports Editor

In the past three years, Pitt-Johnstown has had a new assistant athletic director each year, and now begins its search for yet another person to fill the position.

Former Pitt-Johnstown Assistant Athletic Director Abby Gearhart-Hoffman left her position toward the end of the winter break to pursue a career as a high school teacher.

Gearhart-Hoffman’s name was missing this semester from the athletic director on the school’s website. Gearhart-Hoffman’s predecessor Amy Buxbaum has resumed athletic-compliance responsibilities while a search for a new assistant is conducted.

Gearhart-Hoffman accepted a math teaching position at Conemaugh Township High School over the winter break, and started teaching Jan. 2.

Gearhart-Hoffman said she still questions her decision.

“It all happened so fast.”

Gearhart-Hoffman said she received an unexpected call from the high school offering her a permanent teaching position.

“That certainly doesn’t happen too often.”

Athletic Director Pat Pecora said Gearhart-Hoffman was an eager worker, and she was passionate about her job.

“It was a tough decision for her because her heart was here.”

Pecora seemed happy for Gearhart-Hoffman with her new career. He said she and her husband are both teachers, which means their schedules are more synchronized now.

Pecora said he knew Gearhart-Hoffman as a student-athlete; she played four years of volleyball, and knew from her good work ethic that she would be successful in life.

“We miss her, though. She was good (at her job.)”

Buxbaum, who also works as the Finance and Administration Vice President, said the search for a new assistant athletic director should end shortly, but she could not give an exact date.

“We conducted a national search for the position and have conducted interviews with several candidates.”

Pecora said they have had some interviews for the position, but are still mainly in the searching phase for a new assistant.