UPJ connections lead to Frisbee event title

Trevor Monk, Advertising Director

Pitt-Johnstown Ultimate Frisbee team’s annual Jymmy Jam tournament has a name that carries sentimental meaning beyond just catchy alliteration.

The tournament was held three weeks ago at Pitt-Johnstown’s home field.

The 2003 Pitt-Johnstown Frisbee team may have faced dire times if it wasn’t for help of St. Vincent University Women’s Lacrosse Coach Jym Walters.

The 2003 team faced substantial debt, ranging between $3,000 and $4,000, for damage to baseball team’s tarps used to cover a field when not in use.

In an effort to help the team through the situation, Walters donated $1,000 to the team to help pay for the damage and clear a plot of land for the team to have a permanent practice field.

Walters said the Pitt-Johnstown team would have been unable to host their annual tournament and said he wanted to help them to thrive.

In the years to come, the team decided to rename the annual tournament to “Jymmy Jam” in honor of Walters.

“My great grand mother, Elizabeth Walters is a Pitt-Johnstown alumna and graduated valedictorian…that is one of the few reasons I decided to donate to the (Ultimate) Frisbee team,” Walters said.

Walters played Frisbee casually during his undergrad years at St. Vincent, but played competitively at Florida State while finishing graduate school.

Walters said Frisbee is a sport that takes on a life of its own and its great to help teams in the area.

“Its an honor to have a tournament named after you. I hope it inspires others to help,” Walters said.

Other local tournaments like the Bill Sacs tournament hosted by Indiana University of Pennsylvania commemorates a young Frisbee player who suffered a fatal heart attack while playing.

Pitt-Johnstown Ultimate Frisbee captain Ben Wojnorowski said in addition to naming the tournament after him, the St. Francis team does not have to pay the entry fee to compete in Jymmy Jam.