Changes steer boats to right course

Changes steer boats to right course

Pitt-Johnstown’s crew club row its boat on the Quemahoning Reservoir last Thursday.

Olivia Hutchinson, Editor-in-Chief

This semester the UPJ rowing club has made changes to multiple aspects of its sport.

Vice President Marcus McGuire said this year the club’s active member roster is the largest ever.

“Active members are members who actually practice, both on the water and on the indoor machines at the Wellness Center.”

President Yifeng Lv said that having a large roster means the team can consider entering competitions.

“Almost half of our roster this year consists of new members,” said Lv. “With the enthusiasm they bring to practice, we might attend some small competitions.

“Most probably, we will have a friendly match with the rowing team at the main campus.”

McGuire said the club already has had both of their boats on the water this year.

“Our goal this year is to keep boats on the water regularly.”

He said the club members are preparing for an upcoming competition.

“It will be an indoor rowing competition this winter,” said McGuire. “The event is in Pittsburgh and is a national qualifier for a competition in Boston.”

The rowing club memabers also have taken steps to create a safer environment for members this semester.

“We fixed the engine which had a small oil leak and installed it onto the launch,” said Lv. “This is so that our coach can drive this launch and follow us while we are rowing.

“This helps to improve the safety of our rowers, because, with a launch, our coach can get to rowers immediately if anything happens,” said Lv.

Lv said there will be a new coach joining club.

“(Chemistry Professor Richard) Ulsh, who is our coach right now, was able to meet a professional rower this summer and found him willing to be our new coach,” said Lv. “So we are going to let this person get involved in our practices and see how it works out.”