Intramural to name volleyball champions

Nate Bottiger, Staff Writer

Intramural volleyball league members are to participate in season championships beginning this week in the wellness center.

Some teams enter for the enjoyment of playing the game and being active, but others find the championships an opportunity to be competitive.

Senior Dedra Totin plays on Team Totin, which is the reigning championship team from last season.

Totin said so far the season has been fun, and a lot more competitive than previous years. Her team is 4-1, and their only loss came by forfeit.

“We had to forfeit a game because of prior obligations.”

Totin’s teammate, junior Leslie Galando, said Team Totin has played only one good competitive team so far this year.

Senior Jessica Heidenthal plays for Team Mike, and, unlike Team Totin, she said she is not playing intramurals to be competitive but just for fun.

“Intramural volleyball to me is just something fun to do to get away from school work and everything so I don’t really think anyone takes it too seriously.”

Heidenthal, whose team is undefeated, said anything could happen during the playoffs because she does not feel that anyone takes the games too seriously. But, she also said everyone likes to win and if the game heats up, the players’ attitudes change.

“No one likes losing so when it gets down to it if we have to get more serious, we definitely will.”

Totin said the league has been organized and running efficiently this year, but she noticed that advertisement for the league could have been better.

“Putting up fliers in places other than the wellness center, and possibly using campus email could help.”