Golfers want a strong spring finale

Olivia Hutchinson, Sports Editor

After coming up short in the fall with a second place conference finish, the UPJ men’s golf team is in full swing for their spring season.

Junior Kevin McDonald said the team has been facing some obstacles, though.

“This season hasn’t been going as well as we would’ve hoped for,” said McDonald. “We are still trying to work on finishing out golf tournaments as a team and putting four solid scores together each day.”

Senior B.J. Torau said the spring season has been about missed opportunities.

“Everyone has been playing great golf. However, as a team, we are having trouble putting it all together,” said Torau.

“With only two tournaments left, we are making it difficult on ourselves if we want to make it to regionals, which is the ultimate goal.

“After last year’s disappointment, we don’t want to fall short because this is the best golf team UPJ has had in decades.”

The team has two more invitationals left this season.

McDonald said the team is looking to focus on improving on their individual golf games to make the team as a whole better.

“The team’s goal for this spring season is like it always has been – get us to super regionals and get us into the top five teams in the conference,” said McDonald. “It’s also to just keep our confidence up and get us ready for our own tournaments in the summer, then for the fall season.”

The outcome from last season has had a big effect on this season, said McDonald.

“Last season’s outcome has been applied to this season in the fact that we knew how close we were to super regionals, and we did not get there so that stung.”

“But we had a great fall season and a not-so-good spring season, so we just need to keep pressing.

“We need to finish off our last two tournaments strong to get ourselves to super regionals in Hershey (Pa.).”

Coach Greer did not return calls to comment.