Greeks battle in weeklong tradition

Trevor Monk, Staff Writer

Greek students have been geared up to compete in the annual UPJ Greek Week.

This week marks a tradition of competition among fraternities and sororities. The week’s events highlight a number of events.

Events include foosball, corn hole and comical skits to conclude the week.

Each fraternity and sorority accumulates points from each event throughout the week with a trophy awarded to the winners.

The past two years Kappa Delta Rho has been victorious among fraternities.

Kappa Delta Rho president Caleb Chiappetta said he feels confident in his brothers’ ability to compete this year and said they’re ready to take it for a third year in a row.

Christian Woo of Sigma Tau Delta said event standards are set by the International Fraternal Conference, for which he is a campus representative.

As for his fraternity, Woo said members are taking the week’s competition seriously.

“This week is taken very seriously by all fraternities on campus.”

Shawn Hemphill, assistant director of Student Life, said the week is as a way for students to take stress off before finals.

The competition started on Sunday with the major events — basketball, volleyball and dodgeball in the Wellness Center. Monday’s major event was Student Union window-painting and, Wednesday, the Greeks are to compete in foosball at 8 p.m. at Delta Chi fraternity house.

The week will conclude Sunday with skits and an award ceremony at 3 p.m. in the Student Union.

Trophies are to be awarded to the fraternity and sorority that receive the most points throughout the week.

There is to be a spirit award given to the organization members who show the most team spirit, togetherness and support.

The events are open to the public and students have been encouraged to spectate.