Ice Cats receive title

Olivia Hutchinson, Sports Editor

With a South Division Championship title, the UPJ Ice Cats said they hope to continue their winning streak at regionals.

Sophomore David Kutzer said having this title will boost their confidence.

“Going into playoffs (and), holding a division title will definitely help bring the team some momentum to the games,” said Kutzer.  Freshman Ice Cat Roy Harr said that, although they have made it to nationals in the past, the team hopes to win this weekend and continue past regionals.

“We are ranked 10th in regional rankings, and, if we win this weekend, we will have earned a chance for the national title,” said Harr. “Besides that, we also have our College Hockey East league playoffs coming up soon.

“Right now, we are third in College Hockey East ranking.”

Sophomore David Dunkleberger said this is the first time in the past three years that the team is first in the division.

“All of the team’s hard work, playing through injuries and illness, helped contribute to this title,” said Dunkleberger. “Hopefully we can go on to win the College Hockey East Championship.”

The Ice Cats won the South Division title over St. Vincent College and Penn State Altoona.

Kutzer said the title is just one of the goals the team set for the season.

“Even though it wasn’t required in order to qualify for playoffs, the Southern Division Championships was one accomplishment on the road to making nationals.”

Harr said despite team injuries, the team has stuck together.

“Even after a lot of injuries and losing players, the team we have right now is one of the closest teams I’ve ever been on,” said Harr. “We always stick together.”

Kutzer said the injuries might have improved team morale.

“Even though multiple players were injured, I think it helped make the team stronger.”

Dunkleberger said the title will provide the team with a bye in the College Hockey East playoffs.

“This will give us a bye into the semifinals against Robert Morris University.”