Rowers prep for spring competition

Olivia Hutchinson, Sports Editor

With hope for a budget approval, warm weather and more workouts, the UPJ rowing club is aiming to make some changes this semester.

Club members plan to buy new equipment to help them improve this season, said President Yifeng Lv.

“We are hoping to purchase all necessary equipment, such as personal flotation devices, riggers and motor repair (insurance),” said Lv. “We are also hoping to purchase an insurance (plan).”

The team also plans to incorporate more workouts into their schedule.

“We are planning to set up a workout schedule to improve club members’ body strength and rowing skill,” said Lv. “We are focusing on workouts at the Wellness Center this semester because it’s so cold outside and it is not safe for rowing on the water.

“If the weather gets warmer in March, we may be able to get out and row on the water.”

Club adviser and professor Richard C. Ulsh said the Wellness Center workouts take advantage of a rowing machine.

“Workouts consist of warmup on the rowing machine of 10-25 minutes, followed by machine and free-weight resistance training,” said Ulsh.

“Any exercise that builds aerobic capacity such as rowing, stationary biking, or running is also recommended 2-3 times per week.”

Lv said the rowing club has 21 members on its roster this semester and members have recruited 10 more students.

“We want to get more members to participate in our activities than last semester,” said Lv.

“We want enough club members who are able to participate in our regular workouts and actual rowing practices.”

Ulsh said the club is planning to begin practicing on the water.

“As soon as we can get boats on the water, we want to begin practicing at the Quemahoning Lake,” said Ulsh.

“We are looking for some new design options for our oars so we can paint them before going on the water. A unique blue-and-gold logo representing UPJ would be great.”

Ulsh said the club plans to take part in at least two competitions this semester.

“Next month is an indoor sprint competition in Verona, near Pittsburgh, on rowing machines,” said Ulsh.

“Later in the spring, there is an on-the-water sprint between Carnegie Mellon University, University of Pittsburgh main campus and Duquesne on the Allegheny River. We should enter a 4-person sweep boat with coxswain and a double scull in the latter race.”

Lv said this season’s workout schedule is not exactly mandatory.

“The workout schedule is three times per week, in the afternoon on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday.

“We are not asking everyone to come all three times, but we strongly recommend our members to come at least twice per week,” said Lv.

Ulsh said the club will see some changes next year.

“We are actively looking for an assistant coach, since I will be retiring at the end of next year’s season,” said Ulsh. “All that is needed is a background in boating sports, not necessarily rowing.”