Committee maintains restrictions

Andy Hsiao Chung, Staff Writer

The Student-Athlete Advisory Committee has been approved by student senate officials to become an official Pitt-Johnstown school club.

The committee may now receive student activity funds; an unprecedented opportunity committee members have longed for.

However, the club restricts its members to student athletes, leaving at least one student to question whether this may be blocking others who may seek to help with the committee’s community service efforts.

“I agree and disagree (with committee’s exclusivity),” said volleyball player Kelsey Kohler. “It would be great to allow other students…like sororities and fraternities, to help with these community service projects and be involved in the athletics as well.

“We would be able to have more people to help with the community service events. Although, we do discuss NCAA rules often, which I feel other students may not be able to relate to.”

Two-year committee member Kayla Petrilla agrees with the exclusivity, as the group also votes on NCAA regulations.

“I believe athletes know best what makes sense (in sports regulation). Students would not know how these new laws would affect us as student athletes.”

Furthermore, Petrilla concurs that community service is important, as she also has been associated with several provisions.

Having to work with the Alternate Community Resource Program and Make-A-Wish Foundation, she said the club is to try and get students involved in sporting events.

“We are trying to bring back the Mountain Cat Maniacs and make sporting events more enjoyable for students,” said Petrilla.

Students who are looking to contribute and take part of committee events are welcomed, even though they may not become a member, said committee Chairman Kevin McDonald.

McDonald also said the club’s exclusivity is required by the NCAA, intended for athletes to work as a team.

“(Nonathletes) can attend and help us out… no doubt, we will never say, ‘no’ to these various events.”

McDonald said committee members had done several services with the Alternate Community Resource Program for many years, including cleaning up a baseball field.

Other tasks include mowing grass and installing smoke detectors in community homes.