Basketball bus caters to both sexes

Olivia Hutchinson, Sports Editor

Along with sharing the same home court, the men’s and women’s basketball teams share a bus when traveling to away games.

The teams share the bus when they have games scheduled against the same school on the same day.

Senior Kevin Byer said sharing the bus provides a positive influence on the teams.

“The teams support each other, whether win or lose,” said Byer. “One half of the bus just might be a little quieter than the other, depending on the outcome of the games.”

“We have been sharing the bus with the women’s team since I started playing here.”

Junior Nick Novak said the teams have become accustomed to sharing the bus.

“We have all the same conference games so we are used to it, unless we have different games at different locations and then we’ll take a different bus,” said Novak.

Byer said there usually aren’t any problems on the bus, if everyone sticks to the same routine.

“It’s fine since we each have our own seats that we stick to, so there’s not much to complain about.”

Novak said the team is not affected if they lose and the women win.

“If we win, we like to joke around and have a good time,”said Novak.

“If we lose we usually just keep to ourselves and not really worry about what’s going on around us.”

Byer said the men’s basketball team faces some problems when they are forced to leave earlier than normal for an away game because the women’s game is scheduled earlier in the day.

The women’s team normally plays before the men’s team.

“The only problem is when we have to miss some classes in the morning or planning meals on the road,” said Byer.

Novak said the teams usually get along on the bus.

“As long as we have some decent movies to watch and we get fed before and after the games, then we are fine,” said Novak.

“Unless they take our seats because then we usually lose.”

Women’s basketball team member and junior Maria Montini said the teams usually sit in specific sections of the bus.

“Normally, the men’s team sits in the back of the bus and the women’s team sits in the front.”

“We don’t mind sharing the bus,” said Montini. “Even if one team wins and the other loses, it isn’t really that big of a deal.”

Montini said riding the bus together helps create a support system for the teams.

“We cheer for the men’s team during their games after ours and they cheer for us during our games,” said Montini.

“It’s nice to have a group of people cheering for you when you are playing in another team’s gym.”