Tweets reach students

Olivia Hutchinson, Sports Editor

In addition to word of mouth and fliers, Wellness Center managers are using a new source to daily inform students about classes being offered by the center.

Director Katrin Wolfe, who runs the center’s Twitter account, said she started the account at the semester’s beginning.

“Last semester one of the students from the front desk staff mentioned having a Twitter account,” said Wolfe.

“It seems more students are using Twitter for information. The account is strictly used to promote and increase participation at the Wellness Center.”

Freshman Miriah Butterworth said she finds the information the account provides useful.

“I go to a lot of the classes offered, so it helps to be able to easily check what class is being offered.”

Wolfe said the students seem more interested in classes this semester.

“Class attendance for group exercise is definitely higher this semester,” said Wolfe. “I can’t positively say if this is due to Twitter usage, but I am just glad students are taking advantage of the group exercise classes.”

Freshman Mallory Sikora said she checks the Wellness Center Twitter account daily.

“It keeps me up to date on what is going on at the Wellness Center,” said Sikora.

Wolfe said she feels the Twitter account has had a great influence promoting the Wellness Center.

“Not only can we post about group exercise classes and programs, but also usage,” Wolfe said.

“Sometimes during the week you can find a tweet about coming to the rock wall, or that it isn’t too crowded to exercise.

“We have also been able to promote the personal training program the Wellness Center offers,” said Wolfe.