Wall belay works legs, arms and backs

Olivia Hutchinson, Sports Editor

Towering over elliptical machines, treadmills and weights, the 30-foot-high Wellness Center rock wall provides students with an adequate workout, according to Wellness Center employee Kaitlyne Krinock.

“I always hear people say they find the rock wall a lot harder to do than they assumed it would be,” said Krinock. “They are shocked by the impact of the workout they felt during and after the climb.”

“On each side of the wall, each with different routes set up, there is a different difficulty level for people to try.”

Wellness Center director Katrin Wolfe said the number of students using the rock wall fluctuates.

“Usage (of the rock wall) depends on what is going on,” said Wolfe. “For example, we have a lot more people climbing at the beginning of the semester than the end of the semester.

“We typically have 30-40 climbers each week.”

The wall can provide workouts that focus on muscles throughout the body.

“The rock wall is a full-body workout because you have to use your legs, back and arms. It really works out your core, too,” said Wolfe.

“It also requires a lot of cardiovascular endurance.”

Although students use the rock wall, Krinock says she thinks the wall was projected to be used more often.

“I think the wall sees less action than was originally predicted, but I do think it’s a unique addition to the school,” said Krinock. “When people come into the wellness center, it seems to be something they are interested in.”

“I think it is something that has room to keep changing, with new routes and new holds that can be added on the wall.”

The rock wall can be used during designated hours from 4 to 10 p.m. Monday through Friday and from 2 to 8 p.m. on weekends.

Wolfe said students are not limited by time when using the rock wall.

“Students organizations or groups can also reserve the wall outside the designated hours,” said Wolfe. “They must contact the center to organize these events.”

The center is to offer a belay class 9 p.m. Jan 26 and sign-ups are at the center’s front desk.

“Learning how to belay allows students to belay their friends instead of just watching one of the rock wall attendants do it,” said Krinock. “It allows them to get more involved.”