Gym regulars’ dedication gets notice

Olivia Hutchinson, Sports Editor

Some UPJ students work out at the Wellness Center multiple times a day. They might be considered “gym rats.”

Junior Lauren Ratkiewicz, who works out at the center throughout the week, said she thinks there are gym rats at the center.

“They are usually the same people you see there all the time,” said Ratkiewicz. “They have to get their workout in every single day.”

Sophomore center front desk employee Ashley DiRado said she sees certain people on a regular basis working out.

“I am not sure if this could mean they are ‘gym rats,’ or obsessed, but I always see them during my shift,” said DiRado.

“I think someone who is a gym rat is someone who is there multiple times throughout the day working out.”

The center is open every day of the week with hours that vary.

Junior front desk employee Drake Watters said he feels the term “gym rats” creates a negative connotation.

“I think the regulars who are there all the time are dedicated to working out and bettering themselves,” said Watters. “Good for them.”

“The regulars also display a type of gym etiquette.

“They are efficient on the machines and rotate out regularly. They always wipe down the machines when they are done and put everything back in place.”

“This makes my job a lot easier,” said Watters.

Center director Katrin Wolfe said she think it is great to see regulars.

“It means that the center is providing students with a sufficient place to work out,” said Wolfe. “Healthy college students should be active two to five hours a week.”

Watters said regulars face crowded workout times at certain times in the semester.

“They get annoyed at the beginning of the semester, with all of the people who made New Year’s resolutions in January.

Also, the rush of people two weeks before spring break who start working out.

“I see a lot of students creating lifelong healthy habits. Anyone who comes down to the Wellness Center is doing something positive for themselves.”

The regulars determination is evident on the weekends, said Watters.

“I open up Saturdays at noon and you can really tell who is dedicated. Most people are sleeping, or at brunch recovering from a hangover, while these people are in there as soon as I open,” said Watters.

“People could argue if this is dedication or craziness.”