Player reaches 1,000-point goal


Junior Nick Novak shoots a free throw in a Nov. 11 home game against Chowan University. Novak is the 23rd player to reach the Pitt-Johnstown’s 1,000-point milestone.

Olivia Hutchinson, Sports Editor

Before a crowd of nearly 100, the men’s basketball team played against Glenville State University,  on Saturday, where junior Nick Novak joined fellow teammate Patrick Grubbs on Pitt-Johnstown’s 1,000-point scorer’s list.

Nick Novak is the 23rd player to join the list.

“It’s cool to score my 1,000th point my junior year,” said Novak. “This puts me in elite company with guys like Danny Branch and Pat “Geno” Grubbs.

“It’s cool to accomplish it and still have the rest of this season and next season.”

Grubbs, a senior, said it isn’t surprising that Novak reached his 1,000-point goal.

“He’s the leader on the court and everything we do happens because of him,” said Grubbs. “If it’s one of us scoring and having a good game, we know Nick is the reason why that happens.

“He is not only a good scorer, but he also makes everyone else on the team better by putting us in good scoring positions with his assists.”

The Mountain Cats beat Glenville State University 86-79.

Novak went into the game needing 8 points to reach his goal and after hitting a 3-pointer, he went on to reach 1,000 points with two free-throws. Novak also scored a game-high 30 points.

Grubbs said he believes more teammates will reach the 1,000-point level.

“I am sure Bill Luther and Jordan Miller will reach their 1,000 points next year, or even the year after that.

“A lot of our players have the capability to reach the same goals and help the team’s overall success.”

Novak said reaching the 1,000-point level was a team effort.

“I think a lot of the success comes from all of the players working together and not being selfish,” said Novak.

“We are really supportive of each other and always encourage someone when they’re on a roll.”

Novak has set several goals for the team and himself.

“First and foremost, I want to win games and I don’t think a conference championship is out of our reach.

“I also want to try and hit 3,000 points and since I made 11 3-pointers last year, I want to try and make 12 this year.”

The team is scheduled to to play their next game Dec. 8 at Bowie (Md.) State  University.